Christmas around the globe Military style

When you are a military kids , Christmas comes in many different shapes and sizes .
I have a Dad that is active duty and 4 brothers who also serve. So a Christmas like Norman Rockwell paints a picture of doesn’t really apply here.
We have all kinds of traditions in our family and usually we Skype anyone who is skypeable but sometimes that can’t happen.
This year my Mom has been pretty sick and everyone at home has stepped up to help. My Mom loves having us all home and the craziness it entails. Well this Holiday season 3 brothers weren’t able to make it home .
So we tried to make it as special as we could.Trying with my little sister to think of a new tradition we could start. Time grew closer to Christmas and we knew for sure two Brothers weren’t going to be able to skpe and probably not b able to call. Feeling very much like my Mom wouldn’t get at least a half of Christmas wish we emailed our brothers so they knew how important it was to try and call.
Fast forward to chrostmas day , one brother got to FaceTime M us ! Mom was excited !! Well, so was I !!! He was able to talk for a good bit of time and tell us funny stories of where he was . Then next brother emailed ! A big amount of excitement only one more deployed brother to make it a trifecta !!! Then just before we went to bed inn Christmas night a miracle!! Our last brother called and was able to talk to mom and the rest of us . It was short but we all were thankful for the time !! It was after we hung up that I told my Mom we had a perfect Christmas. It wasn’t just a hometown one, it was global style ! Just the way any military family should celebrate !
Happy Holidays to everyone !!

Military Child of the Year Recipients Announced!

I can remember the day I got this call! It is still such a humbling experience and honor.
Congrats to all these honorees! You are the change we need in this world! Have an awesometactular time in D.C.

Action Speaks-Voices of Operation Homefront

It is always a special day when we get to announce the recipients of our annual Military Child of the Year ® Award. Every year, we are awed by the accomplishments of all our nominees, and it never gets easier choosing just six to represent the virtues of resiliency, leadership and achievement that we know are exhibited every day by military children around the world. But choose we must, and so without further ado, it is our great honor to present this year’s recipients for the Military Child of the Year award for each branch of service:

MCOY Lorelei McIntyre-Brewer army website image 225 x 281ARMY

Lorelei McIntyre-Brewer





MCOY christian fagala marines website image 225 x 281MARINE CORPS

Christian Fagala





MCOY jeffrey burds navy website image 225 x 281NAVY

Jeffrey Burds





MCOY Madeleine Morlino2 AF website image 225 x 281AIR FORCE                                                                          

Madeleine Morlino





MCOY aaron fike CG website image 225 x 281COAST GUARD

Keegan Fike





MCOY john trip landon NG website image 225 x 281NATIONAL GUARD

John “Trip” Landon III





“The children in our…

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Life is short ! Leave a legacy!

Maya Angelou once poignantly said: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Sometimes in our young lives tragedy and death occurs. If you are a regular kid it may be your experience when a pet or grandparent passes. As Military kids we are exposed to much more at a really young age. I remember my brother calling my Mom from Afghanistan to say his really good friend might not Make it. We started praying ! Prayer is very important in our house. We know that when we pass we will be with our father and life will be amazing. However ,we know there will be lots of people left here. Charlie’s friend ended up being good ! He didn’t die and didn’t lose his leg . Fast forward to end of the deployment . We got another call! This time his really good friend had been killed. We prayed for his Mom and family. It made me think that really your life isn’t about how you live and die . It is truly about the legacy you can leave behind.

Now ,I know so many of you are kids like me ! Your thinking I am just a kid what legacy can I leave the world? What changes can I make at this age? Well , let me tell you you can make huge changes and leave an amazing legacy. You need to find out what you are passionate about ! Whether it be bringing your old Toys and clothes to kids that need them or Bringing food to the homeless. Even if it is starting a blog about Legos , it will leave a legacy for someone. Now , I am writing this because Zachary Parsons was killed in a tragic accident. He was the OH MCOY for 2015. He was a kid and did amazing things to help His community .He was an advocate for Military Kids , like us.

He had no idea his time was going to be short ! He did feel compelled to leave a legacy. OH put a quote on there page and it is perfect “it’s so much darker when a light goes out than it would be if never would have shown!” He didn’t know he was going to pass. He just lived a life to fulfill he own Legacy!

I want everyone reading this to do 2 things !

Tell your family you love them!

Find and do something that will let the world know how important it people were to you .