my new passion


For a long time I have loved coding . I was able to create this game for my school science project.

I hope you like it.


check my new passion! Coding !!!



Better than!

Better Than….. that has always bothered me when I here it . It means someone is comparing two or more items things or worst case people.

i hear Kid a time my school say”oh I know I am better than him becuase I made the robotics team” or “I am better than her because I have these cool kicks” but if we thought about the harsh context of what we said and the impact it can have on someone else, would we change it?

think about if you were over hearing the conversation. Think if it was a friend they were talking about .

We did a physiological project based on a tv show called what would you do.

it was eye opening to see the situations and the reactions it got. You can visit my public digital portfolio to view it.

is anyone’s really better than anyone else ? We all have our strengths some are better at showing them.

think hard next time you want to say better than!


Learning about our voting .

Prop 62

Have you wanted to look more into propositions but found Trump’s vulgar comments and Hillary’s emails more entertaing. Well, look no farther because Information on Proposition 62 is here.
Proposition 62 is repealing the death penalty because California’s current system is flawed.
What does repealing mean? It means to revoke or withdraw formally or officially. The state death penalty is California’s retribution for committing murder in the first degree, rape, murdering multiple victims, hate crimes, or killing for financial gain. Prop 62 will end the time and financial consuming process that is California’s current death penalty. No offenders would be sentenced to death by the state for first degree murder. The most serious penalty available would be a prison term of life without the possibility of parole. Offenders who are currently under a sentence of death would be resentenced to life without the possibility of parole. Certain offenders convicted for first degree murder could continue to be sentenced to death. There would be no change for offenders currently under a sentence of death.
Sentencing an inmate to death row and then waiting 20 to 25 years for the 2nd trial which is the trial that determines when they will executed that inmate which is hardly closure for the family. It also takes away the inmate’s right to a swifty trial. However, if a swift trial occurs,that determined life in prison with no chance of parole, then the family can have closure knowing that convicted prisoner that caused harmed would stay in prison having no chance to harm anyone else.
“Currently, people convicted of a first-degree murder charge that includes “special circumstances,” such as multiple victims, hate crimes, or killing for financial gain, can be sentenced either to life imprisonment without possibility of parole or to death. Two trials are required in order to sentence someone to death: one to establish guilt and one to decide the penalty. Death-penalty convictions are always automatically appealed, and they may also go through a second stage of appeals in higher courts, a process that can take 15–25 years. People who cannot afford counsel are provided taxpayer-funded counsel both for trial and for appeals at taxpayers’ expense. These trials usually take years and there is no speedy process for this, thus costing the taxpayers money for care of the prisoner and monies for counsel.” Said Voter’s Edge Like other prisoners, death row inmates are generally required to work, though sometimes they are exempted. A percentage of their earnings may be taken to pay any reparations that they owe to their victims’ families. There are currently 748 people on death row in California. Because the state’s lethal-injection protocols are currently under legal review, no executions have taken place since 2006.
“Prop 62 would take away the death penalty which would cause death row to fill up faster causing more non violent and lesser crimes with a shorter punishment. California’s death penalty system has failed. Taxpayers have spent more than $5 billion since 1978 to carry out 13 executions—a cost of $384 million per execution. Having no death penalty will continue a money saving processes that would save the state approximately $150 million annually. These savings would result from shorter trials, fewer appeals, and reduced prison costs based on the elimination of separate death row facilities.”
Voter’s edge said “No matter who you are or what you put for Prop 62 remember that very few of the men and women sentenced to death row were actually killed. It costs more to house the inmates and to pay for the attorneys that to have a strict life without parole sentence approximately $150 million annually would be saved!”
For the proponents side of Prop. 62: Prop 62 locks up the worst murderers for life and ends the huge cost of death row. These murderers will never be paroled or set free. They will have to work and pay restitution to the families of their victims. Since 1978, California has sentenced 930 people to death but performed only 13 executions, at an average cost of $384 million per execution
According to Voter’s Edge “For the opposition side of Prop 62: We all agree that the death penalty in California isn’t working. The solution is to mend, not end, the death penalty. California’s frontline prosecutors and almost all our 58 elected District Attorneys have a plan to fix it. Starting with voting no on prop 62! Proposition 62 says the worst of the worst murderers get to stay alive, at the taxpayers’ expense, decades after committing their horrible crimes, and mocking the pain of their victims’ families”
I my opinion, I would vote yes to repealing the death penalty. 741 people are currently on death row and the current system is not working. Why waste money that would go to a flawed system, continue to cause grief to the families of victims and also if a innocent man or woman was convicted they would be executed and then the murder or rapist and others that committed an equally heinous crime would still walk the streets.
Why would you waste good money on a California’s current damaged system remember, taxpayers have spent more than $5 billion since 1978 to carry out 13 executions—a cost of $384 million per execution. Having no death penalty will continue a money saving processes that would save the state approximately $150 million annually, that could be put to more productive projects like fixing san diego’s roads or school systems. So what do you think about Prop 62 now?

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That was my proposition projects

Inside Me

When you look at we you might see my dirty blonde hair like wheat or my thin figure like a sapling.

You might see my green eyes like grass, or my big ears like a rabbit.

But you might not see that I have Innern strength, speed , compassion and agility and a strong fear of being bullied again.

so when your see me on a football field, you should say hello.

know that underneath I am a person who is strong willed and energetic.

I am well liked and I need respect if you want respect back.

I am a Pie guy

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    Some people know I like be math. My mind sees a lot of things in numbers and patterns. I love that it drives my mom and brothers crazy! I can do math in my head and it comes naturally. You are probably wondering why I am telling you this.
    Today is Pi Day!
    The day guys like me get to celebrate math in all it’s glory! Every year since I was little my brother Bubbu and I have a lot of fun . Math problems , cake and celebrations .

In honor of Bubbu who is deployed and can’t celebrate with me ,Jokes!