Black, White and Grey

For me being in a military family is like this huge grey area. Nothing is black and White! Some else higher up than my Dada is always making decisions that change the plans we have. I am a black and white kid! I love to know the plan and follow it through. I am a fact kid, I like to know the answers and sometimes in a military family you never know why. Why your Dada has to go on another deployment and he just got back. Why your big brothers can’t be home to watch your football game becuase  the leave got canceled .Why another brothers plans got denied to switch from branch to another. Or why you can’t choose where your next duty station is. I did however get very lucky , and we are staying in Cali for 4 more years. I guess thist is where being resilient and facing adversity nd overcomin it comes in handy.

Being in a military family isn’t all bad . I have  got to meet many amazing people. This summer my mom sister and I got to travel all over to visit my brothers at their duty stations. what an adventure that was ! A lot of Black and white on this trip . plans went as planned. I remember I Got to meet  Tai Kyle and telling her about my brothers and Dada in the military? when I met her a few months ago my Dada and two brothers were deployed and another was at boot camp. Usually, you can only get one pic with her but she let me get one for each of my brothers and Dada. she signed her book with an accolade to support them all. This was a grey area I actually liked.

Novemember is the month we are all thankful for things. I am so thankful for my military family .My Dada and brothers all serve our country.They protect us and let us be free to do what we want. I am also  thankful for Being able to talk to kids all over that go through a lot of the same issues as I do, makes it seem like I am not alone in this grey world.

So even though I can’t live in the black and white world I want , I still have plenty to be thankful for in this grey world.

When my Dada got back from an 11 month deployment , the first thing I asked was are you home now for a long time?

He replied”I think so”!

Well, the time he was off hull seemed to go much quicker than the deployment. I am not really sure why time flies by when things are the way you want them  and then dragged at a toturerous rate of speed when you don’t want it too. I remember the Day ,just after Christmas and just before my only brother, Bubbu,  still left at home was leaving for boot camp, my Dada sat us down and told he had to leave soon after

Bubbu graduated from Boot Camp. My reaction was stoic! What, he hadn’t even been home a year! I wanted to learn how to play baseball, my sister wanted him to see her dance at other Brothers were coming home from deployments they would want him there to welcome them home.

Bubbu wanted him there when he went to BUDS.

So , what seemed to last hours of time , Isabelle asked for how long????

He said a lot of sleeps….. In our military house life is based on the number of nights of sleep . Homecoming , deployments and soon ( not soon enough) retirements. Define  a lot ……He said It would be after many of our favorite holidays , all my football games and well into the new year. A lot of sleep!!!

i am so proud of how my Dada and brothers serve our country but the question still puts my brain in a quandrum … How long is a deployment . Really?

College kid

Wow, who knew college was so hard! I guess that is why it is for adults!

I really enjoyed every class I had,but it was so much work. I am going to continue to take one class a semester but I think it will be a few more years before I jump back in all the way.

The end of semester coding faire was a spectacular cumulation of all the hard work I did. We were required to create a computer game, that would be evaluated by professional from the software world. . Imagine doing something you love and then being judged by people who are living your dream. Best part of the exhibition is they image image imageloved my game!   I love how excited and addicting this game was for some of my mentors.There is definatly a future in my inventions! love cats ! so, my game is Cat Cannon.

if you would like too try it , here  is the link . It is a short game but fierce!


Australian wounded warriors

Australian wounded warriors

So those of you who know me best know that this blog is really my passion. I tried for the last 1 1/2 to follow a dream and go to UCSD for computer coding. Also a passion of mine. Well, I love college but I know why it is for adults too. The work load for me was tremendous, especially since I felt like I was given the opportunity that most 11 never get ( attend college), that I should get perfect grades. The pressure of that and regular school ,starting middle school and new clubs and organizations has made me slack on some of my passions,including this blog.

in my Class this year we are working on psychology project. I recently read an article about graditute .

The definition of Graditute is the quality or feeling of being thankful.

I never really say this enough but as a military kid I have so many people and organizations to be thankful for. They give me opportunities to better myself,my family,and my community.

imagine a world where people showed their gratitude everyday, no grumbling,no whining  and no feeling sorry for a situation we have no control over. This next week My sister and I will be working with a  small group of heros that exlemplifies this mind set. I can not express enough gratitude to them for inspiring me and Isabelle .Everyday they get up and focus on their goals, there is nothing but pure motivation in watching , cheering and caring for them.

please follow me and Isabelle as we try and show gratitude to these heroes!

Reflection of 2013

WOW , I sit here on New Year’s Eve wondering where my year went. I have been to several countries and many states. I traveled without a computer and no internet . Different for me who is used to blogging. I started 5th grade and it is so much fun , but the work load is tremendous. I find that i have little time for anything but school , football and reading. My blogging pretty much was left in the side.
I am still working hard on my Anti Bullying platform. I have Isabelle helping me . I also have been helping her create a platform for herself. She really loves Speaking and motivating others.
I played an amazing year of football! My team made it to the playoff. I however didn’t get to go with them .It was as my Mom said” my retirement year.” a severe injury almost made me lose my mind. Really!!! I had a terrible concussion with a brain slip. For a while and after I got out of the hospital I wanted to blog but, was on brain rest. No tv , computer , no reading for several weeks. DO you have any idea it was for me to tell my brain to stop? Well, I am glad to say I am almost back to normal. What ever that is ! hahah
This year I have grown in mind and body. I am almost as tall as you Dada. I cant wait for you to come home from Deployment.
My brothers have gotten out of the Navy , one is on college the other joined the Army. Max I am so proud of you . I am amazed that you like to jump out of planes.
Charlie is still in the Marines and I hope you get to go fight hard again. I know that is what you love!
Robert , You have given me all the teasing I need for this year!
Well, I hope I still have a few followers.
My New Years resolution is to go back to blogging at least once a week. Please keep your minds busy and find something you are passionate about !
See you in 2014

D.C. Memories with plenty of Thank you’s

I spent the Day enjoying our Nations Capitol. I never thought I would get a history lesson from someone who actually lived through it. I met Harry Flemings in the cab we took. HE was 93 year old man who has driven a cab for 68 year in Washington D.C. Imagine how incredible it was to hear his stories of MLK’s march in Washington. He said he was in the March. MLK  JR. Is one of my heroes,  I felt like I was right there the way Harry described it to me. He also showed us the Watergate hotel and the Kennedy Center for the ARTS. I am really glad I got to meet a part of  Living History!


nate and taxi driver Harry Flemming.


Another exciting part of the day was going to the Vietnam memorial. We did a rubbing for one of our family friends. HIs Dad was killed in Vietnam. While we were there , I met two Korean War vets. I have this campaign I started in California to thank any service member I see for their service. The look on his face when I thanked him was unbelievable. He said to me”Thank you , you are a great young man and I hope you never have to serve, but I know you would do a good job if you do. ” it made me think how important it is to thank all our service members old and present. They gave us so much we can not repay.

photo (5)


I saw a shirt that said it is never too late to say Thank You .

rubbing dad and sailor


So next time you see a vet or a Service member  Thank them for their service!!!!!!