Black, White and Grey

For me being in a military family is like this huge grey area. Nothing is black and White! Some else higher up than my Dada is always making decisions that change the plans we have. I am a black and white kid! I love to know the plan and follow it through. I am a fact kid, I like to know the answers and sometimes in a military family you never know why. Why your Dada has to go on another deployment and he just got back. Why your big brothers can’t be home to watch your football game becuase  the leave got canceled .Why another brothers plans got denied to switch from branch to another. Or why you can’t choose where your next duty station is. I did however get very lucky , and we are staying in Cali for 4 more years. I guess thist is where being resilient and facing adversity nd overcomin it comes in handy.

Being in a military family isn’t all bad . I have  got to meet many amazing people. This summer my mom sister and I got to travel all over to visit my brothers at their duty stations. what an adventure that was ! A lot of Black and white on this trip . plans went as planned. I remember I Got to meet  Tai Kyle and telling her about my brothers and Dada in the military? when I met her a few months ago my Dada and two brothers were deployed and another was at boot camp. Usually, you can only get one pic with her but she let me get one for each of my brothers and Dada. she signed her book with an accolade to support them all. This was a grey area I actually liked.

Novemember is the month we are all thankful for things. I am so thankful for my military family .My Dada and brothers all serve our country.They protect us and let us be free to do what we want. I am also  thankful for Being able to talk to kids all over that go through a lot of the same issues as I do, makes it seem like I am not alone in this grey world.

So even though I can’t live in the black and white world I want , I still have plenty to be thankful for in this grey world.