When my Dada got back from an 11 month deployment , the first thing I asked was are you home now for a long time?

He replied”I think so”!

Well, the time he was off hull seemed to go much quicker than the deployment. I am not really sure why time flies by when things are the way you want them  and then dragged at a toturerous rate of speed when you don’t want it too. I remember the Day ,just after Christmas and just before my only brother, Bubbu,  still left at home was leaving for boot camp, my Dada sat us down and told he had to leave soon after

Bubbu graduated from Boot Camp. My reaction was stoic! What, he hadn’t even been home a year! I wanted to learn how to play baseball, my sister wanted him to see her dance at nationals.my other Brothers were coming home from deployments they would want him there to welcome them home.

Bubbu wanted him there when he went to BUDS.

So , what seemed to last hours of time , Isabelle asked for how long????

He said a lot of sleeps….. In our military house life is based on the number of nights of sleep . Homecoming , deployments and soon ( not soon enough) retirements. Define  a lot ……He said It would be after many of our favorite holidays , all my football games and well into the new year. A lot of sleep!!!

i am so proud of how my Dada and brothers serve our country but the question still puts my brain in a quandrum … How long is a deployment . Really?