Australian wounded warriors

Australian wounded warriors

So those of you who know me best know that this blog is really my passion. I tried for the last 1 1/2 to follow a dream and go to UCSD for computer coding. Also a passion of mine. Well, I love college but I know why it is for adults too. The work load for me was tremendous, especially since I felt like I was given the opportunity that most 11 never get ( attend college), that I should get perfect grades. The pressure of that and regular school ,starting middle school and new clubs and organizations has made me slack on some of my passions,including this blog.

in my Class this year we are working on psychology project. I recently read an article about graditute .

The definition of Graditute is the quality or feeling of being thankful.

I never really say this enough but as a military kid I have so many people and organizations to be thankful for. They give me opportunities to better myself,my family,and my community.

imagine a world where people showed their gratitude everyday, no grumbling,no whining  and no feeling sorry for a situation we have no control over. This next week My sister and I will be working with a  small group of heros that exlemplifies this mind set. I can not express enough gratitude to them for inspiring me and Isabelle .Everyday they get up and focus on their goals, there is nothing but pure motivation in watching , cheering and caring for them.

please follow me and Isabelle as we try and show gratitude to these heroes!