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My Football Adventures

The Football Adventure
By Nate the Great

The bright stadium lights burned my eyes. Directly in front of me, I saw the silhouettes of the small players. Beyond them there was green grass with yellow patches. Just ahead the field goal poles swayed.
I heard the plays being called by the opponents’ Quarter Back .It was making me anxious .From the sidelines, I heard birds, my parents, and lots of cheering.
As the Q.B. shouted “Down, I counted 123,”Set”! As he said set, my hand flew to the damp prickly grass. The sweat ran down my face stinging my eyes and leaving a salty taste in my mouth.
I can could the sweaty uniforms and the BBQ coming from the housing area. My senses were tingling. The anticipation of the Q.B. calling hike was making me energized.
As I stood with anticipation, I felt excited and energized .The center snapped the ball, a controlled chaos broke loose, controlled because everyone knew their plays, chaos because the play moved quickly and sharply all over the field. Every player had a goal. “Big Nate” came rushing up the field. I nearly tossed my opponent across my shoulder. The opponent crashed to the ground. I was behind the line of scrimmage. The Q.B. was looking for a throw. He couldn’t find one, so he threw it anyway. They play ended unsuccessfully for the opposing team. I succeeded in putting pressure on the Q.B.

They huddled up and we did a cover two. A cover two is when two players make a V. This is to help you get the Q.B. Once again we lined up on the line of scrimmage. My teammates and I felt the pressure.
The coaches were shouting, “Watch player number 24.He is very agile” I was feeling like a mouse, I needed to find the hole. The hole was my key to the cheese, sacking the Q.B. The ball snapped again. The Q.B. snuck around the right corner. He was looking. He was starting to feel the pressure we were putting on him.
The defense was making its way to the back of the field .They were rapidly pushing the offense away. No one was protecting the Q.B. I run to the right .My eyes are glued to the Q.B. waist .His waist would tell me his next move. It was a move I didn’t want to miss!
I ran straight towards the Q.B. rushing down the field. He was looking for an open spot, but I was closing his only option. He spiked it to the ground! The defense did its job again.
We headed back to the line. “Break!” we heard from the offense. They came to the line, glaring at us, trying to make us go off sides.” DOWN, SET, HIKE!” It was like the ground launched beneath my feet. My guard doubled up on my partner, which gave me an open space .I rushed through the line. Boom pads hitting pads. clashing noise hit my ears. The Q.B. crashed to the ground.

“YES”!I shouted I had sacked the Q.B.! That was the beginning of the end for them. For the next quarter we pummeled them, sack after sack. As I glanced towards the scoreboard, my heart was racing. It was keeping pace with the scoreboard. In the end we won 26- 12. I will never forget the day I sacked the Q.B.

Where I ‘m From

Where I’m from

                      By Nate Richards       

I am from the moonlit waters from the bay.

I am from the blue eyed grass, from howls at bedtime.

I am from hard rocks, from gold mining.

From baiting my fishing line.

I am from a shimmering pool, from the gleaming sun.

I am from the woods, from hot mugs of hot chocolate

I am from mustard seeds, from cattails sticking to my socks.

From the past to present to the future this shall remain the same.