Important thought!

Believe in yourself ! You have something to offer this world no one else does!

You are very special and no one else is just like you . Even you Charlie and John are different.They are my identical twin brothers.


7 thoughts on “Important thought!

  1. Nate,
    I stumbled upon your blog while browsing Operation Homefront. As a soon to be college graduate, I am very impressed with your blog! Keep up the great work. I just want to let you know that you are a very special young man. Even though I am a complete stranger, I can proudly say that I am grateful that America has children like you. While reading some of your blog posts, I can kind of understand how you feel because my big brother was an infantry marine with 2/7 Echo Company out of Twentynine Palms. There were long periods of time during his deployments when I didn’t hear from him. Please thank your brothers and your father for their service. Your parents raised an extraordinary human being.

    I too have a blog. Although mine is mostly for food, photography, and random misc. topics. Just in case you’re wondering, you inspired not another military child but a 23 year old. Feel free to come by the blog and say hi. I love what you’re writing on here. Take care.

    • Hi
      Thanks so much for your nice words. I will tell my brother about. Your brother. My brother is in the 7th ESB and trains in 29 palms.I understand how much you missed your brother. Are you both close in age? I really apprecaited your comment about being a special young man. It made me very proud to write my blog!I am really glad it helped you and hope it helps a lot of people but especially us that have military families. I also liked your photos.

      • My brother hated 29 palms..he used to call it 29 stumps! haha 🙂 Yes fairly close, he’s two years older than I am. Your blog is very helpful because it provides insight as to the type of challenges children face when their parent or sibling are deployed. No one told me what it would be like when my brother left. I remember his unit was one of the first ones back to Afghanistan when he deployed in 2008. There was a four month period of time when I didn’t hear from him and he was there seven months altogether. It was really hard not to panic so I’m glad you’re writing this for others. Thank you so much. I’m sort of an amateur photographer. Hopefully my pictures will improve now that I’m out of school. I’m glad you like them.

        I saw your pictures on the USO San Diego Facebook page. You and your sister look so adorable! My favorite was the one of you holding a baby. Keep up the great work Nate!

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