Talking with Georgians! (the country men not the statesmen)

So, being a military kid has lots of good  opportunities to meet new friends. I guess that is what I meant by being a global citizen! On Friday night ,I volunteer at a wounded warrior retreat. We all introduced ourselves and I was curious why there was a group there that didn’t’ speak and had a different flag . I hesitantly approached the group. “what does your flag mean ?” I asked. They didn’t understand me. Then the translator said we are from Georgia. I thought Georgia , don’t they speak English there? Then he said the country . My brother  said It is by Russia. I had a lot of questions I wanted to ask , but couldn’t figure out how . Then my Mom said how about using the google translator on my iPad. Wow ,what a great Idea. They did know a few words of english , like Hot Dog ,you tube . So we talked for a long time using the iPad and they showed me Georgian dances. I showed them how to play rock , paper ,scissors.They liked that game. They liked the Hooters girls that served dinner , so did I .HaHa

We took pictures with them .I will try and post them here later. After they were done dinner they had karaoke, none of the Georgians sang , but there were a bunch from freedom station that did. It was a really fun night of meeting new friends and learning that even if your hurt and from a foreign   country you still are awesometacular!  I want to thank the IPad for the translator because you helped me make new friends ,learn new facts and be a global citizen!

Big shout out to Mr. Asher! 


Important thought!

Believe in yourself ! You have something to offer this world no one else does!

You are very special and no one else is just like you . Even you Charlie and John are different.They are my identical twin brothers.