What is more American then Apple Pie and Baseball?

The answer to the question lies at the San Diego Padres stadium on Last Sunday.
 Pint Size patriots!
 The San Diego Padres had a whole Baseball game honoring Military Kids. Man do they know how to make us all feel really special. Before the game began they had a military kid sing the National Anthem. She was awesome, good enough to win American Idol! Then they had a bunch of kids and their military parent go out on the field and take the bases and outfield. They had one boy bring the official ball out to the mound. But I think the highlight of the day for me was throwing the first pitch. I walked proudly to the mound in my newly adorn San Diego Padres Camo uniform .Knowing I was representing Military kids from all over the country. The pressure was on. Mike, the Military Connection for the Padres, said I had to throw a strike. I looked slowly around at the crowed stadium of people. Most of my class was there to support me. That was an amazing feeling. I did a full major league wind up making sure my shoulder was square with my target, the catcher. I let go of the ball! It soared through the air and band hit the ground  like a meteor just in front of the catcher. My heart sank, because I didn’t want to bounce it. I looked around the fans cheering knowing that even though I wasn’t able to make the full pitch everyone still cheered. The catcher strode out the mound carrying the first pitch. He shook my hand and his seemed massive. It enveloped mine. I guess that is why they can throw the ball so far.
After the pitch I went back to the stands.  They came and got me and took me to the Media booth around the 2 ND innings. I got to wear some really enormous headsets. It was pretty interesting talking to the broadcasters while the game was going on. They even laughed at our conversation!
 We got to sit near Mr. Jay and his wife. She loves Baseball. I was able to meet one of the Top 5 kids from the Navy. She lives really close to me. Her name is Hailey. We are going to see if we can do some kind of service together. Hailey does a lot of her community service with the girl scouts, so I would love if they could make cards for our wounded Warriors. So we will see how we can be a super star duo of Military kids.
It was an amazing long game. 13 innings and the winning run was a walk by a player named Richard. HMMM……… wonder if it was a good omen that the first pitch was thrown by a kid named Richards?
So I am so proud of the Padres for recognizing all the Military kids in San Diego, we are all Pint Size Patriots . You Rock SD PADRES!!!

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