Best of the Best !

As a military kid , I think we as a group we ar ethe best of the best!  There are so many activities,events and things we deal with thatmake us strong ,independent and proud kids. Last night ,Operation Homefront  Southern California had me and some of my family (the ones who are home)  attend a very awesometacullar event. We went  to accept a check on behalf of Operation Homefront , from Wells Fargo.They raised a lot of money to help support them. Operation Homefront helps junior enlist sailors and their families.San Diego Magazine also donated a lot of money from the addmission tickets.We got to try all kinds of different foods, my favorite food was the mini burgers. Robert loved the scallops. And Isabelle loved the strawberry shortcake.after we tried a lot of different foods and talk to a lot of people we went on stage to accept the check. Jay Anderson said some funny words and said some really nice thinkgs about me!   After we finished the ceremony,I met a man from the Padres who used to be a Marine. He gave me the best news ever! I am throwing the first pitch out at the Padres game !!!

He told me to practice because it better be a strike! I am practing hard !when we were walking out there was an awesome actor dressed up like a tree, it was really fun and it  feaked out my little sister ,because it was walking around. This is another great example of how Military kids get to do great things. I met tons of people and was able to tell most of them how great Operation Homefront is  ,and how they help military families and we had a grwat time with all the food and after this amazing night ,it really was the best of the Best!  Being a military kids Spectacullar! Thanks Operation Homefront Southern California for all you do for us kids!


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