half·way (h f w , häf -). adj. 1. Midway between two points or conditions: a halfway   sign on the trail. 2. Reaching or including only half or a portion; partial:

This is the definition most people use. If you are not Military it doesn’ mean to much or hold as much weight. But if you are a military brat , it holds a lot of weigh!.At the beginning of deployment you are fighting your way up a mountain .Just when you think the mountain is too big to , and you want to quit, no more care packages , the email is always not working and my Dad is missing a lot of stuff.Then  your Mom says an important word!!!!

 She says it is Halfway! Then all of a sudden it is an easy ride down the mountain. you are in single digits till your Dad comes home! You get to have a party and share with all the other kids on the ship funny stories.We made pillow case with a story on it and sent it to the ship for everyone to celebrate there. All of us took a section and decorated a pillowcase with a story for my Dad. My brother Robert , did a lot of graduation things . He is going to graduate and my Dad is going to miss it. Isabelle decoratede her with my Dad’s favorite things , Beer ,BBQ and baseball. I decorated with things I want to do more with my Dad ,Fishing and Hunting,and football.   Actually, we did three extra pillowcases for some single sailors, I drew a ship , Bella drew the ocean and Robert and my cousin did random crazy sayings .

So halfway is an exciting time  and to this Military kid it means Dad is coming home soon!!!

Halfway , Halfway , halfway ,I think I might love that word!


8 thoughts on “Halfway!

  1. Congrat’s on maiking Halfway!! I know it isn’t easy having your Dad gone for long periods of time but you are doing great at it. Keep up the bloging even when Dad comes home. Remeber there will be an adjustment period for all of you as Dad settles in and you all find a new routine. Thank you for sharing you Dad with the rest of us.

  2. I don’t know your age Nate but you do sound darn great. You sound like a very special son. Stand tall because you have earned it as has your dad and the rest of your family. My son is serving in Afghanistan right now. He has only been over there a few weeks so not close to the half way point yet so I’m trying to be as strong as you are.

  3. You are a strong young man. I remember the days of crossing off the previous day on the calendar & getting closer to the day of return. Half way does hold a special meaning for those assoiciated with remote tours, etc.

    • Hi Linda,thanks so much for the kind thoughts. My Mom got my sister and I reunited books to help us for when my Dad gets back. I will keep blogging to . I have a lot of new friends and some of them really like to hear about military kids ,because they are military kids.Haha. Plus I will still have two borthers deployed after my Dad gets back . One of my brothers just got home Monday!

  4. Hi Mr. Fernette,
    My brother was in afghanistan for 7 months. My Mom always said it was a hard 7 months , but we sent him lot of pitures we made and newspapers and baby wipes . He liked those. Plus we even sent him a taco bell taco because he said he really wanted one. When I asked him if he ate it he said “yes professor I did”. I think he really missed it to eat it after two weeks in the mail.tell him I d thank you for serving our country ,I am really proud of him even though I dont know him. From Nate the Great.

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