Ideas for empowering kids against bullies

I have been reading and talking to many people about bullying.There is so much information out there ,but sometimes kids dont know where to get it. One great website is There are great ideas on how to prevent yourself from being bullied, how to identifuy a bully ,and ,who is at risk for being bullied. Some others are HTTP://

The last one lets you pick your age ?They have a ton of info and  some are grassroots organizations.

There are lots of them but I enjoyed this site the best. Another book I am going to order and you could too is skills to help protect you from bullying. It is a video book !this is the link and it is free.

I also have been talking to  a lot of people . One of my favorite people to discuss bullying with is Mrs. Dian Self.She always has great books and ideas on how to empower kids.She has three books that everyone should read . The recess Queen , Lucy and the Bully ,and Have you filled a bucket today.She had a great idea taken from the book! In each class on the desks you have a sand pail .Each morning you put in  a reflection about yourself,it has to be positive A lot of bullies don’t feel good about themselves so they pick on others. You also put one reflection of the person next to you .Each Day you move down the table so , you switchone to. The right , then two to the Right and then you go to the left.  Another Idea I had was to maybe go ask the bully to play.Maybe they just have never been asked and that is why they bully. So go read a good book and lets see what we can come up with together ,to protect each other and help a bully find their way.


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