How one blog can change a life!

So my little sister does a program called Cinderella youth development program. It is a scholarship program. There motto is “one shoe can change a life”.it means once you have won and win a title nothing is the same , it is amazingly better ,but it is also amazingly busy!that is kinda what has happened over the last two weeks for me.I really wanted to blog and tell everyone what is going on ,but it has been so busy.After the news came out everyone started calling and wanting to interview me and my family.Which is really cool because a lot More peopled learned about my blog,But it hasn’t given me any time to blog. Kinda like a catch 22.I am feeling a little sad that my Dad and brothers aren’t here to have celebrate! And my brother Max was supposed to be home Friday fom deployment ,but they have a new mission. So I don’t know when he will get home now. A little sad for us, but I am going to try and pick up my boots and blog .

So , I am  going to try and catch everyone up with Nate the Great. I got my report card! All A pluses except for Organization. My goal for next report card is working that out. If you have any suggestions please tell me!!! I started by cleaning out my desk and organizing my folders. My school is now on Spring Break! 🙂

Let the vacation begin.Yesterday was pretty amazing! We went to the Mud Run that benefitted the USO San Diego.I helped set up the tents ,put out snacks,talked to people ,then I got to run the 1k mud race.It was a dream come true. Running ,swimming and racing in the mud! They had lots of obsticals. My favorite part was the army crawl pit.My sister and I ran neck in neck till the end I made it to the finishline and we both finished at the front of the kids. It was awesometacullar.( that is for you John).

Well, since I am going to be off school for three weeks, I will be blogging almost everyday. I have some great anti bullying info to share tomorrow. As my big brother says “Peace  Out!”


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