Change is almost always a good thing! Change makes people realize that things can be better.My Mom always says it is a good idea to change your socks everyday,I am not so sure about that ,but I will let you now about it later.Hahaha.A big change in my life came the other day.I got a phone call from  Operation Homefront telling me They had chose me to represent all the kids for the Navy. Wow! What an honor I thought!My next thought was how will I be able to tell my  Dad . he is on a ship with almost no email.My Mom  emailed  him a bunch of times and it finally went through.He was as excited as me.Now I thought What can I do to make  a change ?A lot of people are going to listen to me ,so now is a chance for me to use my voice for all military kids.People  can see that even if we are young , we have great ideas and thoughts. I am looking forward to meeting Mrs. Obama and Dr. Jill Biden .They both work really hard for military kids and hopefully you all will send me your thoughts so I can let them know what you are for now ,I am  working  on a list to help  make a change!Thanks to everyone that Nominated me ,Bubba that ‘s you and the committee that saw the greatness in this military kid!Nate the Great! Bravo Zula (that came from a Senior Chief)


One thought on “Change!

  1. Nate very proud of you keep up the good work I printed the article your mom sent so I could show it to your great grandpa ,he got a big smile on his face He’s so proud of you 7 your ,& Charlie & John. Love Gramma Gerrie

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