A book every military kid needs to know about.

So everyone has a book that They like to read.I love fact books.They are comforting to me Everything in them is true and is  proven and there.When I am having a day where I need to feel good , I pick up a fact book ,it makes feel good to know that something is real and how it works.Military kids Sometimes have days were they need a book to pick them up.I got a great book from USO San Diego  called “My Sailor Dad “by Ross Mackenzie.It tells you about what your Dad goes through while he does his job in the Navy.It also has other military jobs in there too. I forget my Dad and Brothers can have a bad day too.It is hard when they are on a ship or in Afgahnistan sometimes it feels like I am the only one needing  a pick me up ?

After I read the book it seemed a lot easier for Me to understand how much harder there days are than mine.It gave me a chance to see what kind of things two of my brothers  do at their jobs on their ships.How Busy My Dad can be,but how much he missed me and my Mom and sister and Brothers. They had all kinds of Navy jobs in the book so I am sure you could get to see what your Dad or brothers do too. It was a great pick me up for me. I really am missing. My Dad and Brothers today.

Two other Amazing books that I love have nothing to do with Military.They are really good books to make you feel good about yourself and how to make others feel good about themselves. I always say no one can make you feel bad about yourself if you dont let them. Dont give them permission to make you sad or feel little.the books are “have you filled your bucket today.The other one is the” recess queen”. Try reading anyone of the three next time you need a pick me up. Or If your Dad is having a hard day surprise him and read him “My Sailor Dad”.


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