Why are bullies bullies?

So on our way home from school , we listen to NPR.That is the National news radio.One of the stories was about a kid in Ohio that shot and killed other kids.I am trying to figure out why? They said he was bullied and he didnt even go to the school where he shot the kids? What makes a kid go and shoot someone else? Why did other kids feel like the only way to feel better about themselves was to bully someone who already had problems?

Or is bulling just the new excuse for crazy behavior? Is it just his way of  making or justifying what he did.

At My school , Explorer we are trying to make sure no is being bullied, or bullying . We have our results back from the students survey , and are using that to create meaningful solutions. Parents, schools and kids need to help make sure this doesnt happen again.



5 thoughts on “Why are bullies bullies?

  1. This is a great reflection Nate…so thoughtful and reflective. I am so glad you are on the anti-bullying committee 🙂

  2. Keep up the good work Nate, ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A CHANGE and you are just the person to make some incredible chances!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU 🙂

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