Stand Up!

So a few thoughts for today.

My brother John is in Greece on Deployment stop. He made signs that said “stop bullying World wide ” . He and his friends ,other sailors , are going to take pictures all over the world in front of World famous place with the signs. I think it would be great if my followers could do the same in your home town. I will post all the pics I get . When I go to D.C. next week I am going to do the same  and will post them for you .

 Here is a video from a friend of my Mom’s . It goes to the movie Bully.this is the link .

I hope you can watch it . The video was awesome and so is the song! 🙂 It was written by Mike Thompson.

I really miss my brother and thought it was awesome that he was doing this to support my movement! Thanks John !!!!





Ideas for empowering kids against bullies

I have been reading and talking to many people about bullying.There is so much information out there ,but sometimes kids dont know where to get it. One great website is There are great ideas on how to prevent yourself from being bullied, how to identifuy a bully ,and ,who is at risk for being bullied. Some others are HTTP://

The last one lets you pick your age ?They have a ton of info and  some are grassroots organizations.

There are lots of them but I enjoyed this site the best. Another book I am going to order and you could too is skills to help protect you from bullying. It is a video book !this is the link and it is free.

I also have been talking to  a lot of people . One of my favorite people to discuss bullying with is Mrs. Dian Self.She always has great books and ideas on how to empower kids.She has three books that everyone should read . The recess Queen , Lucy and the Bully ,and Have you filled a bucket today.She had a great idea taken from the book! In each class on the desks you have a sand pail .Each morning you put in  a reflection about yourself,it has to be positive A lot of bullies don’t feel good about themselves so they pick on others. You also put one reflection of the person next to you .Each Day you move down the table so , you switchone to. The right , then two to the Right and then you go to the left.  Another Idea I had was to maybe go ask the bully to play.Maybe they just have never been asked and that is why they bully. So go read a good book and lets see what we can come up with together ,to protect each other and help a bully find their way.

How one blog can change a life!

So my little sister does a program called Cinderella youth development program. It is a scholarship program. There motto is “one shoe can change a life”.it means once you have won and win a title nothing is the same , it is amazingly better ,but it is also amazingly busy!that is kinda what has happened over the last two weeks for me.I really wanted to blog and tell everyone what is going on ,but it has been so busy.After the news came out everyone started calling and wanting to interview me and my family.Which is really cool because a lot More peopled learned about my blog,But it hasn’t given me any time to blog. Kinda like a catch 22.I am feeling a little sad that my Dad and brothers aren’t here to have celebrate! And my brother Max was supposed to be home Friday fom deployment ,but they have a new mission. So I don’t know when he will get home now. A little sad for us, but I am going to try and pick up my boots and blog .

So , I am  going to try and catch everyone up with Nate the Great. I got my report card! All A pluses except for Organization. My goal for next report card is working that out. If you have any suggestions please tell me!!! I started by cleaning out my desk and organizing my folders. My school is now on Spring Break! 🙂

Let the vacation begin.Yesterday was pretty amazing! We went to the Mud Run that benefitted the USO San Diego.I helped set up the tents ,put out snacks,talked to people ,then I got to run the 1k mud race.It was a dream come true. Running ,swimming and racing in the mud! They had lots of obsticals. My favorite part was the army crawl pit.My sister and I ran neck in neck till the end I made it to the finishline and we both finished at the front of the kids. It was awesometacullar.( that is for you John).

Well, since I am going to be off school for three weeks, I will be blogging almost everyday. I have some great anti bullying info to share tomorrow. As my big brother says “Peace  Out!”


Change is almost always a good thing! Change makes people realize that things can be better.My Mom always says it is a good idea to change your socks everyday,I am not so sure about that ,but I will let you now about it later.Hahaha.A big change in my life came the other day.I got a phone call from  Operation Homefront telling me They had chose me to represent all the kids for the Navy. Wow! What an honor I thought!My next thought was how will I be able to tell my  Dad . he is on a ship with almost no email.My Mom  emailed  him a bunch of times and it finally went through.He was as excited as me.Now I thought What can I do to make  a change ?A lot of people are going to listen to me ,so now is a chance for me to use my voice for all military kids.People  can see that even if we are young , we have great ideas and thoughts. I am looking forward to meeting Mrs. Obama and Dr. Jill Biden .They both work really hard for military kids and hopefully you all will send me your thoughts so I can let them know what you are for now ,I am  working  on a list to help  make a change!Thanks to everyone that Nominated me ,Bubba that ‘s you and the committee that saw the greatness in this military kid!Nate the Great! Bravo Zula (that came from a Senior Chief)

A book every military kid needs to know about.

So everyone has a book that They like to read.I love fact books.They are comforting to me Everything in them is true and is  proven and there.When I am having a day where I need to feel good , I pick up a fact book ,it makes feel good to know that something is real and how it works.Military kids Sometimes have days were they need a book to pick them up.I got a great book from USO San Diego  called “My Sailor Dad “by Ross Mackenzie.It tells you about what your Dad goes through while he does his job in the Navy.It also has other military jobs in there too. I forget my Dad and Brothers can have a bad day too.It is hard when they are on a ship or in Afgahnistan sometimes it feels like I am the only one needing  a pick me up ?

After I read the book it seemed a lot easier for Me to understand how much harder there days are than mine.It gave me a chance to see what kind of things two of my brothers  do at their jobs on their ships.How Busy My Dad can be,but how much he missed me and my Mom and sister and Brothers. They had all kinds of Navy jobs in the book so I am sure you could get to see what your Dad or brothers do too. It was a great pick me up for me. I really am missing. My Dad and Brothers today.

Two other Amazing books that I love have nothing to do with Military.They are really good books to make you feel good about yourself and how to make others feel good about themselves. I always say no one can make you feel bad about yourself if you dont let them. Dont give them permission to make you sad or feel little.the books are “have you filled your bucket today.The other one is the” recess queen”. Try reading anyone of the three next time you need a pick me up. Or If your Dad is having a hard day surprise him and read him “My Sailor Dad”.