Puzzle pieces

Wow,I know you are thinking where is Nate the Great? I haven’t blogged in a while because I was being a piece to a puzzle. So,  I know what you are thinking that  doesn’t make sense,but it does. When you a bieng a volunteer you are piece of the big puzzle. Not only person could make something as cool as the wounded warrior games happen. On last Tuesday , a huge group of people came together to honor the wounded warriors at a dinner. Everyone helped and supported the athletes to show them how much we cared about them. I was so lucky becuase , I got to go to the games , cheer on the athletes and got a ton of autographs from my hero’s.They inspired me  to know that even if you are hurt , or wounded you can still do anything you want to do . You can even make a record in a sport! Every volunteer that came to each event to support them was a piece to a puzzle.Even as young kids we can help.Our piece Of volunteering is just as important as grown ups. Because  you can’t make a puzzle without all the pieces. I want to challenge you to be a piece to a puzzle. It doesn’t have to be at the USO. Or wounded warriors, but any place you can make a difference.


4 thoughts on “Puzzle pieces

  1. My son would love you. He`s one of our wounded Warriors. In Afghanistan is where he lost his legs. He was a PFC then a SPC and now he`s a Sargent in under two years. He goes to school now also and getting married and has a beautiful little boy. He died twice before they flew him home and he cried as he told me he seen our lord JESUS. I`m so proud of him, so VERY proud of him. And of you also. You bring a lot of goodness,love and hope to the Warriors who come home. God Bless you.

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