The real adventures of military child! Spreading the Love!

So , I guess most everyone spent Valentine’s day celebrating love. My sister  and I got to celebrate it in the best way ever. This is One of those awesome things you get to do as a military kid. It really shows how great it is sometimes! We live near ,kinda near Camp Pendelton.I volunteer at USO San Diego, I know you already know this but it is back story.Camp Pendelton is the base for Marines and it is also home to the wounded Warrior division. Those are the guys who got hurt ,pretty bad. They have these games called Wounded Warrior trials. They have the games so the guys can still do the things they loved before they got hurt.Last night was the opening dinner,and we got to go. A bunch of kids from all over the US sent Valentines cards to service people. We took them up there and were lucky to be able to give them to all the athletes.My sister was a little scared at first because alot of them were missing arms or legs or in wheelchairs, but I said “Isabelle, they are people,just some are missing are missing teeth and I am not afraid of you!” They talk,hug and are just as nice as people with all their parts. I think they are really cool because some even have bionic parts.After that she wasn’t scared and we walked around and handed out all the cards. We talked to people from Canada,Germany,France,Ausralia and the east coast.They loved the cards.It was so cool , to see what sports they played and get lots of new friends. One asked if I had a girlfriend and I said ,”no way girls are trouble” they laughed .some asked where I went to school and some just asked for a hug.It was really cool! We are going back on Sunday to see the actual games and hand out snacks and energy drinks to the athletes,then on Tuesday we are going to the closing ceremony.So , being a military kid can be a huge pain sometimes, but last night it was an amazing adventure!  What a awesome way to spread the Love on the holiday for Love.Global citizen all the way!I will publish some pictures soon!

Nate the Great with a wounded Warrior from Australia


One thought on “The real adventures of military child! Spreading the Love!

  1. Nate I really loved your blog today. I’m very sad that I couldn’t be there, but super happy you were there to experience it. You are an awesome big brother for helping Bella face her fear. I’m looking forward to all the pictures 🙂

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