Your voice!

First thing Iwant to say is thanks . I have 27  people following me,my goal is 100. 

I went to a memorial thsi weekend, it is like a funeral but you can’t be gloomy.A lot of the people who talked said the teacher had lived his life. That he was heard. So it made me think about your voice. We only have one chance for people to hear us. Now I am not talking about the voice the you use at lunch or when you are screaming at football. I am talking about the voice that can help make people see what you need , or what you need  to tell them. I am talking about the coice that makes people listen to you. We all have it. It just depends on how you want to use your voice. A lot of great people use there voice to change things. Some use it to make a difference and some use it to make the world better.I think that as kids we need to use our voice to tell people even though we are young we still have great ideas, we can help , we can make a difference. Right now I am using my voice so people can see that military kids  need for you to listen to their voice.We know what it like when your brothers are deployed ,when our Dad is out fighting bad guys or when your teacher doesnt know you are sad becuase you miss them.we have lots of ideas and ways to help each other. Except we all need to use our voices so adults will hear us.



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