What’s in a name?

A name is something that you get from your Mom and Dad. It is something you hear when your teacher calls on you. Yu hear it when your brothers or sister want help with a chore or they want you to do something.you definatly hear it when you did something that was not good. James Nathaniel Richards!!

You don’t  realize how important it is till you miss hearing someone   call it. My Dad has been deployed for almost a month.i would really like to hear him .My sister and I take turns getting the mail.you are thinking no big deal. But we live almost a mile from our mailbox.It is up and down a big hill.so when I went to the mail box and opened it up I was really excited.There it was My Name! It was on a big package letter. My excitment went up to Jupiter.Bella and I opened it up.Wow , it was a book! I love to read. It was a birthday book which was good because it was Bella’s birthday and my Mom’s. The best part was inside was a disk with my Dad reading the book. Well , actually a couple of books. He said my name!! It sounded really good.You don’t know how important your name is till someone you miss says it! He read the stories before he left and united through reading sent them to us. I think I am going to ask Ms. Dian if I can read my Dad some stories. It is a program they have for parents and kids so you can stay n touch and hear your name! Yu can get the info at your USO or online. I  can’t believe we didnt do this all the other times he was on deployment.. Maybe i can read him the  newspaper with all the super bowl news,or a book. My mom got me the one about the boy who’s Dad died in 9/11,where he left his kid a message. Or maybe I could read him an easy book so Bella could help. I dont think it will matter what I read to him. I think that he probably be happy to hear me say his name.

So what is in a name?.. I guess it depends on who says it and how much you hear them say it.so go say my name Dad!


3 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. Nate, That was SO AWESOME/SWEET/TRUE!!! You are becoming a WONDERFUL writer, I think I see it as one of many fields in your future. We love and miss you guys very much. Keep up the blogs, it makes me feel attached you and and you not seem so far away 🙂

  2. That was a very good report (if it even was a report, (no offense) i am really confused about what
    I say these days, and i don’t want to sound offending). I really do miss saying the names of my friends in Virginia, California, and Florida.

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