Hello World! My new blog ,old one is gone.


Hello, my name is James Nathaniel Richards. Everyone calls me Nate the great. I am the baby boy in a large Military family. I have 4 older brothers, 3 are in the military ,like my Dad and 1 little sister? This makes me a military brat by birth Things you should know about me . I love to learn about everything. If you need to know a fact ,i am your guy.I read everything even grown up articles and books! I love Legos,they let me create new things. I would love to invent something to help our military people at war. I will someday. Leonardo Da vinci facinates me, I think sometimes I am like him and people do not understand my mind. Nate the great, keeps busy with my goat and  helping my Mom on our Farm. I think bullies are the worst thing in our society. I  helped start  an anti bullying committee initative at school. We need to give little kids the power to know bullies don’t determine who we are!we do!  I love to work at the Uso San Diego. There are all kinds of jobs they give me , but my favorite is volunteering at the homecomings. It makes me really happy when i see everyone coming home. I started writing this blog so my Dad and brothers could read all about my adventures as a military brat! Even while they are away and deployed. I f you are a military kid too you know how Challenging it is. Maybe we can all get some helpful info out of my adventures or maybe we can just laugh at some of the craziness of my life.


13 thoughts on “Hello World! My new blog ,old one is gone.

  1. I loved reading about you. I would love to hear about Leonardo da Vinci sometime…and your goat!! I love the reason you started this blog 🙂

  2. Did you know there is a book called, Nate the Great ? About 33 years ago, I had a first grader in my class who was named Nate. He loved that book and would constantly bring it up to me to read.

  3. Nate,
    I AM SOOOO PROUD of YOU 🙂 You are growing up soo fast and turning out to be a WONDERFUL/AWESOME YOUNG MAN that I always knew you would be 🙂 I will keep the “fact” books coming.
    LOVE and MISS YA,
    Mimi 🙂

  4. Dear Nate,
    I just saw you on the new on Channel 7 here in Sa DIego. Congratulations on being the military kid of the year and the youngest!!!! You are a hero to all of us and thank you for being so unselfish and thinking of others! You are doing great things for all those fmailies in the military!
    What school do you go to?? Congratulations again and her is hopinh you get your kitten!!!!!!

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