I am a Pie guy

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    Some people know I like be math. My mind sees a lot of things in numbers and patterns. I love that it drives my mom and brothers crazy! I can do math in my head and it comes naturally. You are probably wondering why I am telling you this.
    Today is Pi Day!
    The day guys like me get to celebrate math in all it’s glory! Every year since I was little my brother Bubbu and I have a lot of fun . Math problems , cake and celebrations .

In honor of Bubbu who is deployed and can’t celebrate with me ,Jokes!



Christmas around the globe Military style

When you are a military kids , Christmas comes in many different shapes and sizes .
I have a Dad that is active duty and 4 brothers who also serve. So a Christmas like Norman Rockwell paints a picture of doesn’t really apply here.
We have all kinds of traditions in our family and usually we Skype anyone who is skypeable but sometimes that can’t happen.
This year my Mom has been pretty sick and everyone at home has stepped up to help. My Mom loves having us all home and the craziness it entails. Well this Holiday season 3 brothers weren’t able to make it home .
So we tried to make it as special as we could.Trying with my little sister to think of a new tradition we could start. Time grew closer to Christmas and we knew for sure two Brothers weren’t going to be able to skpe and probably not b able to call. Feeling very much like my Mom wouldn’t get at least a half of Christmas wish we emailed our brothers so they knew how important it was to try and call.
Fast forward to chrostmas day , one brother got to FaceTime M us ! Mom was excited !! Well, so was I !!! He was able to talk for a good bit of time and tell us funny stories of where he was . Then next brother emailed ! A big amount of excitement only one more deployed brother to make it a trifecta !!! Then just before we went to bed inn Christmas night a miracle!! Our last brother called and was able to talk to mom and the rest of us . It was short but we all were thankful for the time !! It was after we hung up that I told my Mom we had a perfect Christmas. It wasn’t just a hometown one, it was global style ! Just the way any military family should celebrate !
Happy Holidays to everyone !!