Puzzle pieces

Wow,I know you are thinking where is Nate the Great? I haven’t blogged in a while because I was being a piece to a puzzle. So,  I know what you are thinking that  doesn’t make sense,but it does. When you a bieng a volunteer you are piece of the big puzzle. Not only person could make something as cool as the wounded warrior games happen. On last Tuesday , a huge group of people came together to honor the wounded warriors at a dinner. Everyone helped and supported the athletes to show them how much we cared about them. I was so lucky becuase , I got to go to the games , cheer on the athletes and got a ton of autographs from my hero’s.They inspired me  to know that even if you are hurt , or wounded you can still do anything you want to do . You can even make a record in a sport! Every volunteer that came to each event to support them was a piece to a puzzle.Even as young kids we can help.Our piece Of volunteering is just as important as grown ups. Because  you can’t make a puzzle without all the pieces. I want to challenge you to be a piece to a puzzle. It doesn’t have to be at the USO. Or wounded warriors, but any place you can make a difference.

The real adventures of military child! Spreading the Love!

So , I guess most everyone spent Valentine’s day celebrating love. My sister  and I got to celebrate it in the best way ever. This is One of those awesome things you get to do as a military kid. It really shows how great it is sometimes! We live near ,kinda near Camp Pendelton.I volunteer at USO San Diego, I know you already know this but it is back story.Camp Pendelton is the base for Marines and it is also home to the wounded Warrior division. Those are the guys who got hurt ,pretty bad. They have these games called Wounded Warrior trials. They have the games so the guys can still do the things they loved before they got hurt.Last night was the opening dinner,and we got to go. A bunch of kids from all over the US sent Valentines cards to service people. We took them up there and were lucky to be able to give them to all the athletes.My sister was a little scared at first because alot of them were missing arms or legs or in wheelchairs, but I said “Isabelle, they are people,just some are missing parts.you are missing teeth and I am not afraid of you!” They talk,hug and are just as nice as people with all their parts. I think they are really cool because some even have bionic parts.After that she wasn’t scared and we walked around and handed out all the cards. We talked to people from Canada,Germany,France,Ausralia and the east coast.They loved the cards.It was so cool , to see what sports they played and get lots of new friends. One asked if I had a girlfriend and I said ,”no way girls are trouble” they laughed .some asked where I went to school and some just asked for a hug.It was really cool! We are going back on Sunday to see the actual games and hand out snacks and energy drinks to the athletes,then on Tuesday we are going to the closing ceremony.So , being a military kid can be a huge pain sometimes, but last night it was an amazing adventure!  What a awesome way to spread the Love on the holiday for Love.Global citizen all the way!I will publish some pictures soon!

Nate the Great with a wounded Warrior from Australia

Valentine comings

Wouldn’t it be great if there were homecomings on Valentine’s Day!To me Valentine’s Day is a day you get to choose your valentine. It is a day you show love and appreciation for people. I want to appreciate my Dad and brother’s they defend us. They make it possible for us to get chocolate hearts and make valentines and give them to who ever we want. I appreciate and love them even more becuase they are fighting the bad guys , catching drug dealers and fighting pirates ,when I really want them to be home so I can tell them I love them.Wouldn ‘t it be great if they had homecomings on Valentine’s day? We would be so happyto see our Dad or brother and we could give them Chocolate too. Maybe somebody is coming home tomorrow.Since it will be at least a year till I get to see my brothers and Dad I will tell everyone how much I love them!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Your voice!

First thing Iwant to say is thanks . I have 27  people following me,my goal is 100. 

I went to a memorial thsi weekend, it is like a funeral but you can’t be gloomy.A lot of the people who talked said the teacher had lived his life. That he was heard. So it made me think about your voice. We only have one chance for people to hear us. Now I am not talking about the voice the you use at lunch or when you are screaming at football. I am talking about the voice that can help make people see what you need , or what you need  to tell them. I am talking about the coice that makes people listen to you. We all have it. It just depends on how you want to use your voice. A lot of great people use there voice to change things. Some use it to make a difference and some use it to make the world better.I think that as kids we need to use our voice to tell people even though we are young we still have great ideas, we can help , we can make a difference. Right now I am using my voice so people can see that military kids  need for you to listen to their voice.We know what it like when your brothers are deployed ,when our Dad is out fighting bad guys or when your teacher doesnt know you are sad becuase you miss them.we have lots of ideas and ways to help each other. Except we all need to use our voices so adults will hear us.


What’s in a name?

A name is something that you get from your Mom and Dad. It is something you hear when your teacher calls on you. Yu hear it when your brothers or sister want help with a chore or they want you to do something.you definatly hear it when you did something that was not good. James Nathaniel Richards!!

You don’t  realize how important it is till you miss hearing someone   call it. My Dad has been deployed for almost a month.i would really like to hear him .My sister and I take turns getting the mail.you are thinking no big deal. But we live almost a mile from our mailbox.It is up and down a big hill.so when I went to the mail box and opened it up I was really excited.There it was My Name! It was on a big package letter. My excitment went up to Jupiter.Bella and I opened it up.Wow , it was a book! I love to read. It was a birthday book which was good because it was Bella’s birthday and my Mom’s. The best part was inside was a disk with my Dad reading the book. Well , actually a couple of books. He said my name!! It sounded really good.You don’t know how important your name is till someone you miss says it! He read the stories before he left and united through reading sent them to us. I think I am going to ask Ms. Dian if I can read my Dad some stories. It is a program they have for parents and kids so you can stay n touch and hear your name! Yu can get the info at your USO or online. I  can’t believe we didnt do this all the other times he was on deployment.. Maybe i can read him the  newspaper with all the super bowl news,or a book. My mom got me the one about the boy who’s Dad died in 9/11,where he left his kid a message. Or maybe I could read him an easy book so Bella could help. I dont think it will matter what I read to him. I think that he probably be happy to hear me say his name.

So what is in a name?.. I guess it depends on who says it and how much you hear them say it.so go say my name Dad!